Sunday, December 10, 2006

Intersection of Poetry & Art @ Studio Museum (12.08.06 Harlem, NY)

In conjunction with the Studio Museum's African Comics exhibit, Cave Canem Faculty member Yusef Komunyakaa, and fellows Taiyon Coleman, Phebus Etienne, and Dante Micheaux read from their poetic responses to the work in the show. This event was part of what has become a successful annual collaboration between Cave Canem and the Studio Museum in Harlem.

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Amanda Johnston said...

Rachel, these photos are amazing! Everyone looks / is so beautiful. I especially want some of Linda Susan's good time! Give me a big ol' bowl of that laugh and smile any day.


nuaniu said...

Excuse me, I am trying to read some of the texts of cave canem members but I do not find them...

Maybe a lack of ability.

Anyway, Saludos desde EspaƱa (greetings from Spain)

Anonymous said...

Cornelius´ poem is the one I loved. Directly. It gave me mine on my own. Another thing, I was checking the thing around comic books, love them. Need to check and maybe getting in contact. I´ll tell you why.

In another hand, the comment around Condi and that she is the one and only black with the piano... is that a satire? I mean, Condi...not the black color.

Greetings from Spain