Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lucille Clifton's Workshop...

That's right - she gave a workshop this morning. I am sure the fellows will share their reflections/notes from the experience by respondig to this blog!



Anonymous said...

"I'm often casual
about my life, but never,"
she said, "casual
about my work."

J C said...

Lucille was truly mystical, magical, and very quotable. Just some of the notes I took:
Lucille was Roberta Flack's roommate at Howard
"Whatever I do I do on purpose"
"If we don't keep our stories, who will?"
"Every living thing can have an imagination but it can be beat out of them"
"You balance yourself or the world will balance you.
Truth and fact are two different things
Poetry know I will accept it when it comes
Repition works better in small numbers
(Lucille) writes small poems with a small footprint with a large inner life.
I love to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable

-- and much more. She was incredibly generous with her stories and was more warm and receptive and beautiful than expected. She's what's spoiling me about these retreats: having such brilliant minds, admirable heros and heroines, so accessible and open and comfortable. I'll never forget her nor Rita Dove's night workshop a few days back... Seeing Rita massively comfortable, kicked back on a table just being Rita, just talking.

Anonymous said...

i dont know how many times i've sat before someone and have been in staright up awe, but the morning with ms. clifton was definitely such a time. i started keeping notes, just writing little things she said, and stopped when i became too engrossed in what was going on. her memory is unbelievable. and the way she sees this interconnectedness on her work and her life and the lives of other folks is a blessing in itself.

i couldn't even do the workshop justice by talking about it. i learned much in the short span of time that she spoke.