Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shout out to our 06' Fellows!

Hey folks - here is a list of our current 2006 fellows!

'Nuff respect!

First-Year Fellows
Christina Archer
Dwayne Betts
Rachel Griffiths
Myron Hardy
Myronn Hardy
Hallie Hobson
Randall Horton
Marcus Jackson
Jamaal May
JoAnne McFarland
Lydia Melvin
MofolaSayo Ogundiran
Iain Pollock
Lynn Procope
Bianca Spriggs
Kevin Vaughn
Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Second-Year Fellows
James Cagney
Kahn Davison
Nehassaiu deGannes
Carmen Gillespie
Abraham Henderson
Niki Herd
Amanda Johnston
Charles Lynch
Natasha Marin
Dante Micheaux
Jonathan Moody
Obike Reeves
Amber Thomas

Third-Year Fellows
Samiya Bashir
Venise Battle
Remica L. Bingham
Antoinette Brim
Derrick Brown
Christian Campbell
Curtis Crisler
Jarita Davis
Chanda Feldman
Reginald Flood
Aracelis Girmay
Lita Hooper
Linda Susan Jackson
Jadi Keambiroiro
Raina Leon
Carrie McCray
Kamilah Moon
John Murillo
Kevin Simmonds
Renee Simms
Samantha Thornhill
Wendy Walters
Nagueyalti Warren
Demetrice Worley


still grooven said...

I'm lovin' and missin' you terribly, my beloved CC! may the week bring you all beautiful poetry. i'll defintely be checkin' in on the haps. welcome, 1st years! breathe, 2nd years! congratulations, 3rd years!!!
(THANK YOU TYEHIMBA, for making this communication possible.) Eternal thanks to Toi, Cornelius, Carolyn, Sarah and the Universe.

always love,
shia-- CC '02, '03, & [shout out to CC] class of '05

Anonymous said...

Tyehimba -- thank you for doing this! I am such a dummy! I just called SAMIYA to see where she was at!!! DUH! (she usually around the corner from me!) Please give love and kisses to newbies HARLEM HALLIE and meh trini gyal LYNNE and oldies who i knows and who knows me. Thanks for helping us old heads share the love! Many kisses for you! OH! And Happy Pride everyone! ;-*


oscar said...

great to see so many friends on the list. its gonna be a fun summer at CC.

mad love to all my louderARTS, Acentos and North Carolina poets!